Father's Day Weekend Racing at Canaan, N.H.

     It was a great Father's Day weekend of racing at Canaan Motor Speedway. Blake and 100 plus other drivers got to race on the full mile and a half road course. It was 30 minutes of non-stop racing. Despite some frantic last-minute changes to the kart's gears, Blake finished in first place for the 4th week in a row. A big shout-out to Taylor and the rest of the CF Motorsports team who fine-tuned Blake's kart. He could not have done it without them!  Along with the racing, Blake and his family were able to enjoy camping out Friday night at the track with many other racers and their families. Blake also welcomed a new sponsor this week, Naturepedic Organic Mattress Gallery of Wellesley. Theywill be holding a grand opening event on June 24th. Check them out!