NHKA 2018 Opening Race Day at NHMS

   It was an exciting weekend of racing and weather for the opening race day at NHMS. First,  a micro-burst on Friday night forced Blake and family to flee their tent and run for their SUV. That's where Blake spent the night. Some trailers were flipped but everyone stayed safe. Only the tent didn't fare so well. Despite the lack of sleep, Blake had a great day of racing. It was his first time out in his new World Formula kart in the World Formula Light class. After qualifying in the top ten , he had some bad luck and lost his engine chain in the preliminary race round. That forced him to start at the back of the pack in the final race. But Blake was able to move from 15th place up to third place. That gained him a spot on the trophy podium. WGBH and NPR were there to catch all the action for an upcoming piece they are doing on Blake and his racing passion.